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    Sue Baim (original alternative rock)
    Ian Follis
    Christina Southern "Chrissy Steele" (Rock)
    Ian McDougall (trombonist, composer, arranger, and clinician)
    Bruce Hurn
    Mitch Hughan
    Bill Zaalberg "DOUBLE DIAMOND" (Performed professionally for 30 years)
    Michael Kaeshammer
    Pete Seginowich
    Kevin Smith
    Eric Friestadt
    Bryan Adams
    Jack Berisford
    kevin burnip "kevin kaber" (rocktripcore)
    Alex Franson
    Fardad Fouladian
    Fred Power
    Clyde Dixon
    Joan Lett
    Bob Richardson
    Ron Kuthar
    Simon Hardman
    Jim Taylor
    Ron Sullivan
    Graham Crowell
    Frank Ludwig
    Kevin Williams
    Ed Wright
    Ed Gschiel
    Damian Graham (i hit things....)
    Gord Clements (Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre)
    Cal Batchelor
    Janis Mullan
    Jim Harmata
    Bob Kidd
    Gunther Klaus
    Dave MacPhail
    Bill Gibson
    Darren Stevens
    Gary Gillespy
    Mark Reed (original folk/rock, light-classical, alt-rock)
    Alex Olson
    Mark Ponsford
    Karl Hourigan
    Don MacDonald
    Phil Newns
    Howard Leese
    Paul Horn
    Jim Dix (acoustic roots singer/songwriter)
    Joanne Cowan